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Animal Health & Welfare Wales (AHWW), established to support the Welsh farming industry by delivering solutions to some of its key animal health and welfare challenges.

The Welsh Government consultation on BVD eradication in Wales is now closed.

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Resources for Vets

Gwaredu BVD has everything you need as Vets to help you and your clients to take advantage of the support available through our programme.

We have created a suite of resources to provide you with everything you may need for BVD testing. 

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CPD training available here

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Speak to your clients about BVD testing

The current funding for BVD testing and PI Hunting ends on 31 December, 2022.

Please continue to encourage your clients to test for BVD and to take advantage of the support available through Gwaredu BVD before it comes to an end.

Our farmer mentors Phil Jones and Peredur Hughes are on hand to help and support you to convenience the 16% who have yet to screen to do so.

The benefits of eradicating BVD are discussed with Dr Neil Paton, Stephen James and John Griffiths in the below webinar.

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Support from Gwaredu BVD

The Gwaredu BVD team is here to help you with any queries or questions you may have to make BVD testing as hassle free as possible. 

Our technical lead, Dr Neil Paton is on hand to discuss any clinical cases with you should you require, and to help advise on testing approaches.

Should you require any assistance with any paperwork including PI Hunt invoices and the correct amount to charge, we can help- contact us today.

Gwaredu BVD, Royal Welsh Show 2022- Welsh Government Consultation.

A BVD-free Wales

Eradicating BVD from Wales is possible and is a priority for Gwaredu BVD. Eradicating the disease will improve herd health, productivity and profitability across Wales.

A BVD-free Wales will improve the reputation of Welsh cattle farming through promoting our dedication towards high animal welfare standards in such a competitive and global market. 

Scotland and Ireland, along with many of our European neighbours are already well on their way towards BVD freedom, let's work together and add Wales to that list!


Tests show that more than a quarter of Welsh beef and dairy herds are infected with BVD, so we need to help livestock farmers across Wales to work with us to diagnose if their herd has been exposed to the virus, and to seek and remove any infected animals.

- Dr Neil Paton, Lecturer in Farm Animal Health and Production at the Royal Veterinary College

Farmer Gwion Owen of Hendre Arddwyfaen, Ty Nant, Corwen had his herd tested, and said: “The whole process was very quick and easy and didn't cost me anything. I now have the reassurance of knowing that my herd is free of BVD which is so important for cow fertility and many other reasons.”

- Farmer Gwion Owen of Hendre Arddwyfaen, Ty Nant, Corwen

One of the key principals of the Animal Health and Welfare framework is ‘partnership working’, and...this collaborative approach in working and delivery is an excellent model and that should be applied to all programmes also. I would ask all... to continue encouraging other cattle keepers in Wales to participate and know what their BVD-status is.

- Minister of Energy, Environment and Rural Affairs, Lesley Griffiths

BVD is costing our farmers a lot of time and money and it often leads to further health issues in cattle which can be devastating. Gwaredu BVD is a fantastic opportunity for farmers that will help with the problem in order to support their farms to be more profitable.

- Delana Davies, Farming Connect

Eradicating BVD is one of the most important initiatives in Wales for two reasons. This is an immune depressing disease and so managing it is very important to stop cattle becoming susceptible to other disease. Secondly, it's important we have a high standard of animal heath and welfare in Britain so that we have a point of difference for our produce compared to other counties in the world.

- Wyn Jones, Chair of the Strategy Advisory Board for Farming Connect