Gwaredu BVD Announces Young Farmers Club Competition Winner

25th Jun 2020

Gwaredu BVD, an industry-led eradication programme, recently reached out to the young farmers of Wales to help raise awareness of the disease through informative digital adverts.

With support from Wales Young Farmers Club (YFC) and Boehringer Ingelheim, young farmers from across Wales were encouraged to take part with the chance of winning £500 for their club. Entries were submitted in both Welsh and English, and the winning entry was submitted by Howey YFC in the form of a creative and engaging video.

The video used excellent imagery and was overlaid with a clever poem, urging people to test their herds for BVD and listing the benefits of regular testing: ‘Test now, test them today, or BVD will be here to stay’.

John Griffiths, Programme Manager at Gwaredu BVD said: 

‘We had a great response from young farmers to this year’s competition. It’s great to see younger generations participating and getting involved with spreading the message of eradicating BVD in Wales.

‘Knowing young people are on board with us is what’s really important; not only are they helping us raise awareness of the disease and its implications, but they’re keen to do more to help both the farming industry and animal health and welfare across the country. We were really impressed with the entries we received, and Howey YFC showed great creativity and originality in their video presentation. Congratulations.’

Clare James, Senior Member at Howey Young Farmers Club added:

‘Howey YFC are delighted to have won this year’s BVD eradication promotion competition. We as young farmers members in the heart of mid wales, are invested in the BVD testing programme as we need to reduce the impact on our local herds and businesses.

‘We were eager to enter this competition as the area surrounding our young farmers club is a highly prominent livestock area. Our cattle sector locally is mostly beef suckler herds, with replacements being sourced from the dairy sector. We urge that all cattle producers, including dairy, to BVD tag test calves so we can protect herds from BVD PI’s in the future.

‘This is an excellent competition raising awareness of a damaging disease. Howey YFC would like to thank the organisers for the opportunity to make an impact on the future of the industry.’

Senior Brand Manager at Boehringer Ingelheim, Matt Yarnall commented; 

'Congratulations to Howey YFC for their innovative and entertaining video on controlling BVD. Ultimately, successfully ridding Wales of BVD provides a great opportunity for the next generation to be able to farm cattle with less disease and increased productivity, so it’s great to see their engagement in the national voluntary programme.'

Gwaredu BVD, based within Coleg Sir Gar Gelli Aur campus, is offering FREE testing to farms across Wales. With the help and support from young farmers across Wales, BVD can be eradicated throughout Wales for both the benefits of farmers and their cattle across the country.